Shi Guo Song
Enrich your body and mind

– Our Story –

Master Shi Guo Song began learning martial arts at the age of six and was accepted into the Shaolin Temple, Songshan Mountain, Dengfeng, Henan Province, China at the age of thirteen. Under Shaolin martial arts monk Master Shi Yong Ding, he studied Shaolin Kung Fu, whereas he also studied Buddhism and become a monk under Master Shi Sheng Ci.


Shi Guo Song has been trained in martial arts for over 25 years and has mastered many different martial arts styles, including Shaolin boxing and weaponry. He has been invited to visit over twenty foreign countries to perform martial arts for cultural exchange. He is a 34th generation Shaolin warrior monk and a World Kung Fu Champion.


Shi Guo Song established the Shaolin Temple Quanfa Institute (STQI) in China in 1996, and under his guidance Shi Chang Chuan established the Scarborough branch in 2018.


For over a decade Instructor Chuan has been studying under Master Shi Guo Song, 34th generation warrior monk from the Shaolin Temple, China. In that time he has honed his Kung Fu and teaching skills, and helped spread the Shaolin culture to countless students, friends, and family. His goal is to create an energetic, focused, and yet fun environment to keep you motivated to reach your personal and fitness goals.

– Our Classes –

Kung Fu

Our Traditional Kung Fu classes focus on power, speed, flexibility, and endurance. We learn stances, kicks, strikes, and forms (taolu), while improving focus and patience. This is the class to take for an authentic Shaolin experience.

Qi Gong

These classes are based on slow and repetitive movements with deep abdominal breathing, which helps to increase blood flow and oxygen absorption. It is designed to build internal energy (Qi) and improve health, while relaxing the mind.

Boxing Defense

This is a fun, upbeat class based on Kung Fu drills. It is intended for those who do not want a regular Traditional class but want to focus on their defensive footwork, punching, and kicking in a fun, energetic way. Suitable for all ages.

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